Loop for you?

Loop is on the cusp of releasing support for Omnipod users.

This is a monumental change to the tools available to the type 1 diabetes community. BUT, it has also created a vortex of emotions and shoe-box-speeches that I struggle with in a more broad sense. How can I make sure that a HUGE influx of new users come to this system well-prepared and educated? I can’t hold each person’s hand through this process one-by-one. So I need your help. If you are considering Loop, or have a friend considering Loop…read and share this post.

Many people have excluded themselves from DIY looping because they assume Loop requires some difficult technical knowledge about computers or software. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.) In November 2016, I made it my personal mission to make Loop-use inclusive of everyone, tech geeks to busy parents to grandparents to college students, when I started working on instructions and documentation of the Loop app. My goal was that anyone who was willing to read some simple instructions, aided by pictures, could build and use Loop successfully.

My work seems to have been successful as there are now many, many people using Loop who likely would have never tried otherwise. I’m delighted when I hear feedback that tells me the documents I’ve written were easy to follow and helped.

What slays me is when it is obvious that people ONLY read the parts that deal with building Loop.  They never read the parts about USING Loop.

Instead, they built the app…walked away from all the awesome other information online about USING Loop…and assumed they’d just be fine.

It bears repeating the obvious: This app is automating insulin delivery to you (or your kid). That simple fact alone should make you want to read all about how to use it.

So as all these people are out there excited for when the Omnipod Loop code will be released…this is a great time to remind you about the importance of learning all about Loop beyond the build. Loop doesn’t behave like your old pumping life did. A few examples:

  • Did you know that you can’t set your own temp basal on Loop?
  • Did you know that you can’t set your own extended bolus on Loop?
  • Did you know that if your settings (scheduled basal, carb ratio, etc) need adjusting (illness, hormones, etc), Loop won’t do that for you?
  • Do you know what a reasonable maximum basal rate might be?
  • Do you know what might cause a roller coaster of BGs on Loop?
  • Do you know how you are going to share data with your Endo if you aren’t using your PDM anymore?

If you read those statements and thought “WHAT? Then how does it work? What am I supposed to do now?” then head on over to LoopDocs.org and LoopTips.org. Those two websites have a ridiculous amount of helpful information for you to get familiar with the new Loop life you’d be living.

And after your Loop is up and running…remember those resources will be there still for you when you have new situations and questions. No shame in going back to the docs when in doubt.


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