Dexcom G6 restarts and resets

Since the last time I’ve written, there’s been some new info worth sharing on the G6 front.

Sensor restarts

The G6 sensor restarts can’t be done with the same old tricks like disconnecting bluetooth, using a microwave or faraday bag, etc.  The Dexcom app has gotten smarter than that now, so we basically only have one option for restarting those 10-day sessions on your G6 sensor.

In order to restart a session on an existing G6 sensor you’ve already used for a session…

  1. Stop the session. You can do this either by letting it expire naturally, stopping the session on the app, or stopping the session on the receiver.
  2. Remove the transmitter from the sensor. There’s some easy ways to do this, but the one I recommend the most is to use a couple test strips. The are skinny enough to fit between the edge of the transmitter and sensor edge. They are stiff enough to get the sensor to “pop” the little latch loose from the transmitter. And, most of us have a couple test strips hanging around. If you want…I suggest watching this good little video on how-to remove G6 transmitter using test strips.
  3. Set a timer for 20 minutes once you’ve removed the transmitter.
  4. After the 20 minute wait, replace the transmitter into the sensor.
  5. Go through the usual steps to start a new session. You’ll have to wait the normal 2 hour warmup, but after that…good to go.

Resetting Transmitters

Unfortunately, awhile back, the Dexcom app was updated with a “kill switch” that detects reset transmitters. (What’s a reset transmitter? Transmitters that have gone passed their 110 days since activation, or have had their battery replaced, need to be “reset” to a new start date.) The kill switch in the app checks for reset (exact way it’s checking is unclear to me so far) about 40 minutes into a warm-up. The kill switch will kill the transmitter and tell you that you need a new transmitter. So the old ways of resetting your G5 and original G6 transmitters, using the Reset Transmitter app, are no longer working.

Here’s the interesting parts of this new development.

  1. I’m not certain if this kill switch is embedded in Dexcom apps outside the USA.
  2. There’s a way around this kill switch for USA users. If you disconnect the transmitter from your iPhone’s bluetooth, you can use the receiver to start your sensor sessions with the reset transmitter. You will have to use the receiver ALONE for EVERY new session start…from the start of the session through the whole 2 hour warmup. Only after the warmup is finished can you open your Dexcom app and reconnect the transmitter on your phone’s bluetooth.

Exciting new developments

So, while things have looked a little sad for the last year for the current “firefly” G6 transmitters…(firefly transmitters can’t be reset and the batteries are very hard to replace)…I have some exciting news to report that FIXES those previous statements.

A group of dedicated people down-under (Australia) have a project that involves both replacing the battery AND addressing the reset issue. Their project is called Anubis.  You can read more about it here. The transmitters will be able to have their batteries replaced, extended time beyond the 110 days, and easier restarts without needing to remove the transmitter for 20 minutes.

Call for Donations

The Anubis project post that I linked above has information about where you can donate your used firefly transmitters to help the group get production ramped up. People who donate will have earlier access to the Anubis transmitters. I highly encourage everyone to NOT throw away your transmitters…even if you don’t intend on using Anubis. The donation you make could help someone struggling to self-pay for their supplies.


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